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Principle of the EU regulations for cosmetic products: requirement and principles

Sponsored by: International Society for Phytocosmetic Science & Personal Care Regulatory Ltd.

27 NOVEMBER 2020

Last day of IPPC-Colombia

10:30 - 13:00

Colombia Time (COT) | UTC-5 hours




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  • Dr Mojgan Moddaresi (PhD, PharmD, FRSB, CBiol, MRSB), UK
    Dr Mojgan Moddaresi (PhD, PharmD, FRSB, CBiol, MRSB), UK Personal Care Regulatory Ltd

    Mojgan Moddaresi is a PharmD with PhD in cosmetic science. She has experience in working in the pharmaceutical, biopharma in quality and formulation roles and extensive experience in the cosmetic industry. She is the managing director of Personal Care Regulatory Ltd. The company has over 10 years of experience in dealing with compliance of cosmetic products with offices in the UK and Ireland. The company has known for its expertise and unique Tox-software and have served over 150 brands.


Personal Care Regulatory Ltd. EU and UK base
  • Sarah Smiley (MSc.), UK
    Sarah Smiley (MSc.), UK Personal Care Regulatory Ltd

    Sarah Smiley is a senior regulatory officer in Personal care regulatory Ltd helping brands to ensure their compliance before their launch. She has experience working in the leading health and beauty retailers in the UK like Walgreens Boots Alliance and Superdrug.

General regulatory workshop for overall training in the EU compliance system for cosmetic products

Discussion about the requirement for CPSR, PIF, CPNP, and what will happen after Brexit.


Review on the EU regulatory: Comparison with other Regulatory systems | Q&A

  • Comparison between 3 different regulatory systems (USA, China, EU)
  • Principle of compliance of cosmetic products (EU/UK): the principle of the EU reg 1223, 2009


UK Trading standard officer (risk management in compliance process) | Q&A

Product Information File part 1/GMP | Product Information File part 2/ CPSR/TEST| Product Information File part 3/ labels| Q&A

  • What is the Cosmetic product Safety assessment Report (CPSR)?
  • What is the required test to place a cosmetic product in the EU/UK?
  • Principle of label compliance prior to placing a product on the market.
  • What the EU portal notification system?
  • A brief review of claims allowed for cosmetic products in the EU.