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  • In the field Send to,  the option IPPC-Colombia 2020 will be selected;
  • In the field Expertise below choose your area of expertise;
  • Choose the type of your article for submission, if it is a Review article or a Research article;
  • Choose the type of presentation: Oral or Poster;
  • Choose the scope of your article in the suspended menu;
  • Provide the title of your article and click Next.
  • Fill in the Author fields with first and last name, e-mail address and affiliation, which is the university or research center where you are affiliated;
  • If there is more than one author, add as much as you want clicking on the button plus sign (+);
  • Fill in Corresponding author only if the person to be contacted through e-mail is other than the main author;
  • Fill in Presenting author only if the person who will present the abstract is other than the main author;
  • Click Next.
  • Enter the keywords related to the article you are submitting;
  • Maximum of 6 keywords;
  • Click Next.
  • Attention: If in TYPE you choose Review there will be only one section named Abstract to fill in for inserting the text of your review article.
    If you choose Research there will be four sections named Background, Material and Methods, Result, and Discussion and Conclusion to fill in;
  • Click Next.

Background (Introduction): Present relevant findings to justify your project (Max. 90 words). Materials and Methods: Describe and justify the appropriateness of methods utilized in your research, use the most concise language in this section. Avoid including any general information (Max. 110 words). Results and discussion: Report the most significant findings of your research. Discuss any variation in comparison to other reported results in your reference, and concisely provide supporting data for any new findings. (Max. 150 words). Conclusions: Present learned lessons in less than four sentences that must include guidance and any recommendation for future research. (Max. 50 words).

  • Upload a WORD file without author names  (not a pdf file!) of your article clicking on Browse;
  • After uploading is complete, click on Submit (click here to download the template);
  • After that, your article will be assessed by the scientific committee.
  • Follow up your abstract submission
  1. Status of your abstract will be sent to you via email;
  2. On the top right corner of the following page, you can click on Article, and View article to check if your article was successfully submitted;
  3. If you wish to change anything in your article, check the corresponding ID box and on the bottom center of the screen click on the Pencil symbol;
  4. You can also view your article by clicking on the Eye symbol. If you wish to delete the article, click on the Trash bin symbol;
  5. Please clear-list the isps@phytoessence.org email address to receive messages, otherwise our messages may end up in the SPAM folder of your email account.