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Uma Devi M Palanisamy

Uma Devi Palanisamy​

Senior Lecturer

Monash Univiersity


Uma completed her undergraduate and master degree in Biochemistry from University of Malaya. She pursued her PhD at Cambridge on a project designing affinity ligands for the selective binding of the glycoprotein pharmaceuticals. Prior to Monash, she worked in SIRIM, Malaysia’s Industrial Research Institute, and established the natural product research group to aid local cosmeceutical and nutraceutical industries. She has to her name a number of innovation awards, patents, publications and actively collaborates with industry. She is an editorial board member of several reputable journals and is an international and national grant evaluator.

She has more than 20 years of experience in research related to biomedical science with particular focus on the use of natural products in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research. She has also been trained in natural product drug discovery at a Japanese pharmaceutical company focusing on the isolation, characterization and purification of anti-fungals and anti-inflammatory agents from microbial sources. While on sabbatical at the Dept. of Nutrition, Uni. of Toronto, she has had hands-on experience on RCT’s studying the effect of dietary modification on glycemic control and CVD risk factors in Type 2 Diabetes patients. Her current interest is in investigating the mechanism of action of natural bioactives’ in modulating metabolic syndrome parameters, particularly the role played by gut microbs.