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University of Buenos Aires

Dr. Paula López is a researcher and Assistant Professor of the University of Buenos Aires and performs her work in Pharmacognosy Chair- IQUIMEFA (University of Buenos Aires (UBA)- National Scientific and Technical Research Council-Argentina (CONICET) since 1992. She participates in the dictation of degree course “Pharmacognosy”, in the postgraduate courses “Cosmetic, Raw Materials of Natural Origin” and “Phytotherapy” and as lecturer in professional institutions and other Argentinean universities.  Dr. Paula López participated as a researcher in 26 scientific projects funded by Argentinean and international agencies. Currently, she directs a research project grant by the UBA on Chlamyd ia e
 and natural products. Dr. Paula López made 97 presentations in Argentinean and international congresses, published 36 scientific papers in international scientific journals, is a reviewer of scientific publications and director and consultant of doctoral thesis.  She obtained 6 awards and distinctions among them the prize “Alfredo Bandoni” in phytochemistry awarded by the National Academy of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the Argentina, the Prize in Pharmacology Dr. Bernardo Houssay awarded by the Center for Studies on the Development of the Argentine Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry (CEDIQUIFA). Since 1992, she has provided technical advice, services and technology transfer for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food and cosmetic industry at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, UBA. She is a member of the Subcommittee on Herbal Medicines of the Argentine Pharmacopoeia and the Interdisciplinary Technical Scientific Committee for Herbal Medicines of the Argentinean Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT).