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Mojgan Moddaresi

Cosmetics Innovations& Technologies Ltd

Dr Moddaresi is a regulatory expert and director of at Personal care Regulatory Ltd. (www.personalcareregulatory.eu). She is a pharmacist in training (PharmD) with a PhD in cosmetic science. She is a multidisciplinary scientist with experience in different formulation and regulatory roles in the cosmetic, pharma and biopharma industries. She is a Fellow of Royal Society of Biology (FRSB), and a chartered biologist (CBiol), a full member of British society of toxicologists, and the society of cosmetic scientists, UK (SCS). She is sitting on the scientific committee of, UK and also the honorary treasurer of the SCS. She has several publications in formulations and cosmetics regulatory fields in peer viewed and technical journals. At Personal Care Regulatory Ltd, she overseas helping brands for EU/UK compliance prior to launching on the market.

Specialties: Safety assessment of cosmetic products, Cosmetic regulations, Cosmetovigilance, Natural cosmetics standards, claims substantiation of cosmetic products