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Milagros Tomasa Garcia Mesa

University of Medical Sciences of Havana – Cuba

Milagros T. García Mesa is a Biochemical Pharmacologisand Doctor on Biological Sciences (PhD) with postdoctoral studies at Boujon Hospital (Paris) and the School of Medicine, University of Vermont (USA) (PhD). She is a MajorProfessor of Clinical Biochemistry and Phytotherapy at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Havana and the University of Medical Science of Havana (UMSH), respectively. Her research experience is related with the non-clinical evaluation of antiallergic and antiplatelet activities and sub-chronic toxicity of natural products, as well as the laboratory control of the efficacy of antiplatelet drugs. She is a Leading Researcher of the Central Laboratory of Pharmacology of UMSH. She has directed more than 30 researcher projects and 13 thesis works. In addition, she has more than 70 published articles. Dr. Garcia Mesa is a member of different scientific societies and groups, like the Cuban Society of Pharmacology and the Review Board of the Cuban National Program for Research Projects on Traditional and Natural Medicine. She is a reviewer of the Cuban Journal of Medicinal Plants. Her scientific results in the fields of Pharmacology and Phytotherapy have been recognized by the Cuban Society of Pharmacology with “Dr. Francisco Moron Martinez” Prize and by ISPS with “Armando Cáceres” Award IPPC 2016 Guatemala, respectively.



  • Bachelor in Biochemistry: University of Havana, 1975.
  •  Biochemical Pharmacologist:  National Centre for Scientific Research, 1978
  •  Doctor on Biological Sciences (Ph.D.): Ministry of Higher Education, Cuba, 1986.
  •  Titular Professor: University of Havana, Cuba, 2003.
  •  Diplomat on Clinical trials
  • Languages: English (speaking, writing and reading fluently); French (reading scientific literature); Spanish (Mother language).

Post-Doctoral Fellowships and International Research Projects

  • Methods for experimental thrombosis. School of Medicine, Prague, under the sponsorship of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (from October to December. 1989).
  •  Methods for the diagnosis of hemorrhagic and thrombotic diseases Boujon Hospital, Paris, France under the sponsorship of INSERM  (from June to July 1997).
  •  Flow cytometry method for evaluation of platelet reactivity. Laboratory on Platelets, School of Medicine, University of Vermont, USA, under the sponsorship of the Pan-American Health Organization (from May to November 2002).

Dr. Garcia Mesa research interest is the scientific validation of the traditional uses of medicinal plants by non-clinical and clinical pharmacological studies, as well as the education of health professionals for a rational use of Phytotherapy.


Scientific Experience

  • The pre-clinical evaluation of histamine release inhibitors.
  • The pre-clinical evaluation of antiplatelet and anticoagulant effects of plant extracts.
  • The evaluation of sub-chronic toxicity of natural and biotechnological products.
  • The assessment of the efficacy and safety of drugs.
  • The laboratory control of the efficacy of antiplatelet drugs.
  • The hemostatic risk factors for atherothrombotic diseases.

Teaching experience

  • A Titular Professor of the Master degree onClinical Biochemistry” (University of Havana) , “
  • A Titular Professor of the Module “Thrombosis and Hemostasis” for the Master degree on “The Use of Diagnostic Methods in the Primary Healthcare System” (Salvador Allende Faculty of Medical Science of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana).
  • A Titular Professor and coordinator of Post-graduate course“The use of herbal medicine with safety and efficacy” and the Diplomate The treatment and prevention of diseases with safe and effective herb products.” (Salvador Allende Faculty of Medical Science of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana).

Research Projects Performed: 38

International Research Projects: 3

Published Articles: 71

Courses are given46

Post-graduate researchers directed: 13

Membership in Scientific Societies

  • The Cuban Society on Pharmacology
  • The Cuban Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery
  • The Italy-Latin-American Society on Ethnomedicine
  • The International Society of Phytocosmetic Science