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Mila Emerald

Founder | CEO



Dr. Mila Emerald is a Ph.D., in Cellular Biochemistry and Biophysics, Dr. Sc. in Neuroscience, with over 15 years experience in Research (laboratory settings), and over 20 years’ experience in professional business and applied technologies. Science 2004, she is a Founder & CEO of the PHYTOCEUTICALS International, company formulating, developing and producing and distributing natural bio-actives, natural biodegradable nano-materials and nano-delivery systems, functional blends, specialty ingredients and natural bio-active complexes for Science, Skincare, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Sustainable Agriculture, Green Technologies, Biotechnology, and other industries. She is a formulator, products developer and scientific consultant for many International Companies, a member of the International Natural Product Science Taskforce (INPST), an honorable scientific adviser for the number of Biotechnology and Research Programs, and Professional Associations. Dr. M. Emerald is a Member of Board of Directors for the International Society of Phyto-Cosmetic Science (ISPS), and International Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience, a Founder and Chair of the ISEORA (dedicated to the Essential oils research and applications), and its Congress in 2019 and 2020, an editor for the BioMed Central. She is a published author, speaker, research and business development mentor, who dedicated her life to the natural products research, their formulation, development and following practical implementations.  

  • Consulting on Natural Products and a wide range of plant-derived ingredients;
  • Formulation & development of Natural Products including special formulations for Skin Care, Cosmetics, Hair & Bath Care Products, Household products, Pet products, Nutriceuticals, Cleansing Products, Specialty Formulations for Industrial applications (car industry, space industry, aquatics, agriculture, waste treatment and environmental pollution, hospital care, etc.);
  • Formulation & development of Natural Designer Perfumes & Colognes, specialty Skincare bases and specialty blends for a different industries;
  • Complete Research, Information & Analytical services for personal care, household & industrial natural products;
  • Business partnership & collaboration with National and International Research Corporations;
  • Development high end brands & novel scientific formulations;
  • Consulting on use and correct incorporation of Bioactive Ingredients in Natural Skin & Hair Care, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals;
  • Participation in molecular and cellular innovative projects (providing research information & professional consulting);
  • Providing Innovative solutions for Personal care, Household, Petcare, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical & Industrial Companies;
  • Local & International Seminars & workshops on therapeutic properties & practical applications of Natural plant-derived raw material;
  • Business cooperation and participation in environmental projects, consulting on ECO green solutions;
  • Design, formulation and development of wide range of ECO-friendly products;
  • Organization and participation in the International meetings of Associations and Societies, giving workshops and seminars;