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Mauro Bleve

Mauro Bleve is Head of R&D

Mauro Bleve is Head of R&D (Coordinador de División I+D+i) at Laboratories Maverick.

With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, Mauro has applied his passion for and expertise in leading the investigation and the development of many different and diverse cosmetic formulations, also delivering a patent as an inventor for an innovative microdermabrasion treatment for the skin.

Mauro has also contributed in many research projects for the extraction of active ingredients from vegetable matrices by supercritical carbon dioxide, chairing some sessions and delivering podium presentations and one poster presentation at International Congresses, three international patents and two scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, together with several articles and interviews for different cosmetic industry magazines.

Mauro has extensive teaching experience in collaboration with schools, universities, and training agencies for professionals. He has a record of presentations in national and international seminars and congresses, meeting with consultants and PR events.

Combination of natural, green, ethical and sustainable approaches for designing, formulating and manufacturing cosmetic products, with proven efficacy, performance and safety for the consumers and the environment.

Investigation and application of innovative ingredients and technologies in the cosmetic chemistry and industry.

Collaboration with organizations, universities, research centres and companies for the investigation, development and application of innovative ingredients, technologies and approaches for cosmetic products.

Member of: Editorial Board of International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients [IJPNI], IJIS Inc. of Boston

SCS (Society of Cosmetic Scientist, UK)

SICC (Italian Society of Cosmetic Chemistry and Science)

IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists)

Albo Nazionale dei Farmacisti (Italian Pharmaceutical Society)