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Juan Carlos Castro​

Juan Carlos Castro

General Director | Vice-President

ANDI (National Business Association of Colombia) | CASIC


Juan Carlos Castro is a professional in Finance, Government, and International Relations, with a specialization in Marketing Management with more than 15 years of experience in government relations in the private sector. He has experience in designing strategies for relations with public entities, with business associations and governments at the national and international levels in manufacturing industries. In addition, he has the capacity to design and implement public policies in the sector of international trade and natural resources. Juan Carlos has experience in the implementation of programs of social responsibility and sustainability. He is a leader, a strategist, with interdisciplinary and multicultural team management, project management, and high skills in negotiation and excellent results in orientation.

I have 12 years of professional experience working with public and private entities related to economic and international development, trade and economic policies. I have a bachelor´s degree in Finance, Government and Foreign Affairs and a Graduate Specialisation in Marketing Management

I have worked for both private and governmental entities in programs related to Economic Development, International Cooperation, Education, Public Policy, exports, FDI and tourism at Procolombia, The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, UNILEVER, The National Hydrocarbon´s Agency and ANDI (National Industry Association).

During my 12 years of working experience I have always fulfilled roles in both the private and public sector that have sought the promotion of Colombia’s relationship with the world; First at Procolombia where as a junior analyst I helped build the first sector Export Business rounds meetings in Colombian for both Handicrafts and Hotel amenities resulting in today’s annual business rounds at Expoartenias and Expocotelco.

Still working for the Ministry Of Trade, Industry, and Tourism I was promoted to work in the development of the Productive Transformation Program in 2009, which focused on re-thinking a development strategy for 16 potential sectors of the Colombian economy aiming to achieve sustainable growth through exports to markets with preferential treatment and Free trade agreements.

As a result of my previous work with both Private and Public entities, I was chosen as the Director of the Chamber of Cosmetics and Personal Care products at the National Industry Association ANDI, in 2015, where together with entrepreneurs, businessman, national and multinational companies, have promoted the growth of the sector through initiatives that have adopted productivity, legal and regulatory best practices that help shape the sectors competitive advantages shown on its export dynamics and foreign direct investment attraction in the last recent years.