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Litta Samari Perico Franco

Litta Samari Perico Franco


National University of Colombia


Litta Samari Perico Franco is a Pharmaceutical Sciences Ph.D. and a Pharmaceutical Chemist.
Litta has got experience in basic and applied research to the discovery and characterization of new molecules and materials and the determination of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industrial application of biodiversity and agro-food byproducts.

Litta has taught quality assurance, quality control, bromatology, inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry, instrumental analysis and pharmaceutical legislation to the Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and teaching legislation of cosmetic products to the postgraduate degree in cosmetic science and technology, as Professor at the Pharmacy Department of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has worked in the university extension activities as Quality Coordinator in The Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory UN (LAFUN), GLP implementation, certification, and maintenance of the QMS.

Litta has worked in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry, human and veterinary, in research, formulation, and development of drugs and cosmetics, as well as in production, quality, validations, stability studies, regulatory affairs, and pharmaceutical technical direction.

  • Bioprospecting research.
  • Isolation, characterization, and biological activities of lichen secondary metabolites.
  • Discovery, characterization and determination of the industrial application of new molecules and materials.
  • Biodiversity and agro-food byproducts as sustainable source of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients.
  • Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and quality management.
  • Design and development of human and veterinary pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
  • Environmental impact and Sustainable Living.