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Julien Wist

Julien Wist

Associate Professor

Universidad del Valle


Julien Wist is a chemist from Université de Lausanne and received his Ph.D. as NMR spectroscopist from the L’Ecole Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne. He later held a position at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá and finally moved to Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia in 2010, where he started a research group that graduated almost 20 students and received over 22 international students as interns.

Since 2008 he chaired the NMR school in Colombia, every two years and co-founded the Latin American Metabolic Profiling Society in 2014 (https://jwist.github.io/lamps/).

His main research interest is to use NMR and cheminformatics to help unravel complex mixtures.  He developed numerous tools to store, search, manipulate, and analyze spectroscopic data in an automated fashion, such as automatic assignment. He is interested in applying these skills to convert the vast amount of metabolic profiles into knowledge by building robust and open algorithms for the automatic extraction of information and to improve the creation of interactive visualization for reporting, sharing, or publishing research outcomes.

Thus he expects to contribute to accelerate the pace of biomarkers discovery and to make science more transparent and reproducible.