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DAY ONE | 25th November 2020
Colombia Time (COT) | UTC-5 hours


Session: Innovation in Cancer ResearchSpeakerAffiliation
09:00-11:00Immune system activation by natural products and complex fractions: a network pharmacology approach in cancer treatmentSusana FiorentinoPontifical Javerian University, Colombia
Know your extract: guidelines and example of standardization of herbal extractsGeison CostaPontifical Javerian University, Colombia
The value of experimental data: A reflection on the practice of publishing in 2020Julien WistUniversidad del Valle, Colombia
Session: Sustainability
11:00-13:00Amazonian biodiversity: an infinite source of bioproductsJuliana CardonaAmazonian Scientific Research Institute – SINCHI
Green Growth PolicyCristian RiveraGlobal Green Growth Institute, Colombia
13:00-15:00IPEC-ISPS & Universidad Galileo
Session: Nanotechnology
15:00-17:00Particle size analysis of nano encapsulated plant extractsGeisi Rojas BarretoIPEC-ISPS, Brazil
Drug discovery and nano-delivery with potential targeting SARS-COV-2Mila EmeraldPHYTOCEUTICALS International & NOVOTEK, Canada
Advances in the use of natural molecules associated with nanocarriers based on biological macromolecules with potential for application in pest controlLeonardo FracetoUNESP, Brazil
17:00-18:00Virtual Poster Sessions (Phytotherapy)

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DAY TWO | 26th November 2020
Colombia Time (COT) | UTC-5 hours

Time Session: Natural Products & Nutrition Speaker Affiliation
09:00-11:00 Phytochemistry and Nutrition Cedric Baker Jamu: The Phood Farmacy, EUA
Healthspan and active biocompounds Janayra Teixeira Ages Bioactive Compounds, Brazil
Nutrition and cosmetics Sully  Cruz University of San Carlos, Guatemala
Nutrition and cosmetics Sully  Cruz University of San Carlos, Guatemala
Session: Cosmetics (Industry)
11:00-13:00 Intro about the cosmetic industry in Colombia Juan Carlos Castro ANDI | CASIC, Colombia
Cosmetics elaborated with Cannabis Carlos Elias Caro Salas Genomma Lab, Colombia
Plant-based cosmetic products Research & Innovation Patricia Maia Campos USP, Brazil
14:00-15:00 IPEC-ISPS Abstracts
Session: Natural Product Research
15:00-17:00 Essential oils as bioherbicides Cristina Mendoza Forero National Open University and Distance, Colombia
A herbivore-induced plant volatile as an indirect defense of plants against insect pests Jordano Salamanca National Open University and Distance, Colombia
Research on the Cocoa Fruit Litta Samari Perico Franco National University of Colombia, Colombia
17:00-18:00 Virtual Poster Sessions (Phytocosmetics)

DAY THREE | 27th November 2020
Colombia Time (COT) | UTC-5 hours


Principle of the EU regulations for cosmetic products: requirement and principles

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Dr Mojgan Moddaresi (PhD., PharmD., FRSB, CBiol, MRSB)

Sarah Smiley (MSc.)

Personal Care Regulatory Ltd

Scientific Manuscript Writing, Processing, and Publication

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Sunil Dutta Purohit

International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS)